The Backchat Back Story

When we launched our business a few weeks ago, we were flooded with questions.

“What is it that you do?” … “How did you come up with the idea?” … “When did you start this?” … And—perhaps—most commonly, “Why?”

The truth of the matter is this is something we’ve been working on for a while. We kept it intentionally quiet, only speaking in vague terms to even our close friends and family, because we were still wrapping our heads around it ourselves. Working on the “minutia” as Kate likes to put it and ironing out all the details. We wanted to be polished and ready when we finally decided to let everyone in on what we were up to. It was a business plan that fell into our laps, but amounted into a lot of behind the scenes work. We allude to how this whole journey started on the ‘Our Story’ page, but felt like our network of supporters deserved a little more.

So, here goes. The story of how we came to be:

I (Catherine) was still working as a journalist at the time and was trying to file a story from a Starbucks when I ran into an acquaintance that decided to join me for a quick coffee break. Mat, owner of Meatings BBQ Catering, had been shopping around for someone to re-write the content on his website and was interested in what I was working on. Since he was familiar with my writing, through the newspaper and, he asked me if I’d be interested in taking on the project. Happy to lend a hand, I said I was in and would enlist the help of my best bud, Kate: a fellow writer and knowledgeable foodie.

Kate & I (roommates, childhood friends, dynamic duo extraordinaire) had partnered on many projects in the past and knew that we worked best when working together. We’d often joked about how perfect it would be if we could one day start a business and work together day-in and day-out.

As it turned out, Mat started to spread the word that he had finally found a team to re-do his website. Requests for the names, numbers and email addresses of his wordsmiths followed from fellow business owners. When Mat approached what would later become Team Backchat to say that there was a business plan here—that many businesses, small and large, were in need of exactly this kind of service—we felt like there was no way we could turn the opportunity down.

First order of business? Finding a name, of course. We were set on choosing a word that incorporated our names somehow. CommuniKate was scraped. So was ConneKt. I finally put “letters containing ‘KC’” into a scrabble word-finding app before seven words revealed themselves. While Cockrow, Stockcar and Bookcase were tempting, we landed on ‘Backchat’—a British term for the act of answering back, with a little bit of sass.


From there, the baby steps towards business ownership continued to play themselves out. Buying a domain name, registering as a partnership, opening a bank account, familiarizing ourselves with new processes and foreign concepts of entrepreneurship.

The TSN turning point, however, came early in the game when Waterbridge Creative Media reached out to us to create a partnership. Waterbridge—an online marketing company—had been keeping their ears to the ground for a quality content writer to join their team. But, subscribing to the Backchat philosophy, knew that in this case two heads would be better than one.

An amazing collaboration and a serious dream team was born after a few meetings, and Waterbridge went to work on making our brand come to life.

The result? A beautiful website to call our own and a home to showcase our amazing clients.

Finally, we were ready to scream “Backchat” from the rooftops and put a business card in the hand of any one who asked (and some people that didn’t ask, but were really nice about it anyway).

Still overwhelmed with support, we know that chapter one is just the first step on what is sure to be an incredible adventure.

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