Our Story

“Expect the unexpected, and whenever possible, be the unexpected.”

“Supporting local business, big ideas and creative challenges is a fire that runs through our veins and a fundamental component to what we do.”

Entrepreneur is a designation backchat co-founders Kate Lalumiere and Catherine Kitts never really envisioned for themselves. But, when two people have a love and a talent for writing, helping friends with writing and social media projects becomes routine. And, all of a sudden, you have a business unfolding organically before your very eyes.

backchat is founded on two basic principles: a passion for writing and for helping people.

Cliché? Maybe. True? One hundred per cent.

Supporting local business, big ideas and creative challenges is a fire that runs through our veins and a fundamental component of what we do.

No story is too small, no writing or social media task too great. A complete website overhaul, the press release you’ve been meaning to send, media advisories, blog posts, requests for proposal, social media account construction and maintenance—you name it, we’ll write it.

backchat began by taking a personal and collaborative approach to communications and it’s something we’re unwilling to change.  Face-to-face meetings, engaging you in an ongoing dialogue, delivering timely content that we’re proud of—these are all things you can expect when you work with us.

Simply said, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your business to find the words you’ve been looking for.

We can’t wait to chat.

Two heads are better than one…



Kate believes you can get anyone talking, if you can figure out what they are passionate about. That’s why she loves working with business owners and discovering exactly what makes them tick. With her professional background in creative communications and social media management, it made sense to unite her love of people with her ability to breed unparalleled online enthusiasm. After teaming up on numerous projects with her word savvy pal, Catherine, it became very clear that there was a demand for backchat—a duo that can navigate any business to creative superiority.

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Catherine has been writing since the day she first learned to hold a pencil. Crafting short stories turned into a lifelong passion that led her to the Carleton School of Journalism. After graduating, she spent three years as the editor of a weekly newspaper before trading in hard news for a role in communications, advertising and marketing. Up for any challenge and always thinking creatively, she’s found a home in the world of new media. A love of people, a gift for story-telling and an insatiable thirst for knowledge pushed her to co-found backchat with her very best bud.

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